Hybrid Cloud Management delivers streamlined on-demand engineering and delivery services to power Micro Focus product lifecycle.

Introducing HCM we have now decommissioned 1,500 Virtual Machines (VMs) with a plan to decommission a further 700. We have freed up 64 blade servers to be repurposed, and have realized a cost saving of nearly $250,000, while avoiding spending over $700,000 in future costs.

  • $250,000 saved through increased resource efficiency
  • 2,000+ Virtual Machines decommissioned
  • Improved engineer time to productivity from days to hours, and sometimes minutes
  • Increased R&D productivity—average gain of 50 hrs/month per group
  • Improved compute support ratio from 1:2,000 to 1:3,000 through economies of scale and standardizatio

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